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The following is a list of almost all the scriptures in the New Testament that contain teaching points on demons (a.k.a. evil spirits, unclean spirits).  Looking through these will give one an understanding of how demons operate in our own lives.  One may ask, “why is this posted?”  LC242 has been studying freedom issues and first started with a couple teaching sermons on how the enemy works against believers.  This list was compiled by Pastor Bill so that others can study this at home.

The Gospel of Mark seems to discuss this topic (per capita) more than the others, so that book was searched first. Where the stories are repeated in other gospels, those scriptures have been left out.  The search was conducted using the NASB and searching with this boolean criteria: demon OR “unclean spirit” OR “devil” OR “evil” OR “demoniac.”  There were a total of 244 total hits in this search.  While some commentary is provided next to the scriptures below, the majority only provide the facts of what the scripture teaches.


  1. Mk 1:23-24. They speak and focus on Jesus when He is present. (Lk 4:41)
  2. Mk 1:26. They can manifest convulsions in the flesh of those they inhabit.
  3. Mk 3:11. Demons would “fall down” and “shout” at Jesus’ rebuke. (Lk 4:35, Acts 8:7).
  4. Mk 5:3-4. They can give super-human strength. Acts 19:16.
  5. Mk 5:5. They often want to harm the body they enter. “cutting” is a sign of possible demons. (Mk 9:21-22)  Lk 9:42 – demon “slammed” boy and caused convulsions.
  6. Mk 5:7. They fear Jesus. They know they will be tormented.
  7. Mk 5:9. They have names. Their names are usually their assignment.
  8. Mk 5:9. They bind together. One can have multiple demons, one is usually in charge. (Mk 16:9 – Mary had 7 demons)
  9. Mk 5:15. When they leave, the person is put in his/her right mind.
  10. Mk 7:25. They are in all ages, young and old.
  11. Mk 7:26. In Bible “unclean spirit” (7:25) and “demon” are the same (7:26)
  12. Mk 7:29. The parents have authority over demons in children.
  13. Mk 9:25. Their names equal their assignments.
    • Assignment is usually connected to past hurts or sins
  14. Mk 9:25. Some cannot go out by simple commands, prayer & perhaps fasting is necessary
  15. Mk 9:38-39. All who know Jesus have authority to cast out demons; (Lk 10:19, Mk 16:17)


Matthew: (New facts not recorded above, or where additional info is given)

  1. Mt 4:1, 5, 8, 11. They tempt believers to do wrong.
  2. Mt 4:24. Demon exorcism is considered a “healing.”
  3. Mt 10:8. Disciples of Jesus are commanded to cast out demons.
  4. Mt 12:25-29. Jesus seems to say Satan would not cast himself out. Only Spirit of God casts demons out, through authority of Jesus.
  5. Mt 12:43. Demons want rest inside flesh. Flesh seems to give them the power.
  6. Mt 12:44. Demons want to return to their houses after removed.
  7. Mt 12:45. If Holy Spirit and right living doesn’t inhabit person, demon +7 more will return.
  8. Mt 13:9. Satan and demons try to snatch truth; how? Sowing lies.
  9. Mt 13:37-42. Enemy sows evil among righteous.
  10. Mt 15:21-28. Exorcism is a right for covenant children.
  11. Mt 25:41. Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels.


Luke (New facts not recorded above, or where additional info is given)

  1. Lk 8:2. Evil spirits and sicknesses go hand in hand. (Lk 9:1 – gave power to heal/cast out demons; Luke 13:32 “I cast out demons and perform cures” Acts 5:16 “afflicted with unclean spirits”)
  2. Lk 8:27. Demons often cause victim to live away from society. Also cause to live with dead.
  3. Lk 11:19. Covenant people have the right to cast out demons. Old Covenant is superseded by New Covenant


John (New facts not recorded above, or where additional info is given)

  1. John 10:21. Demons cannot heal.


Acts (New facts not recorded above, or where additional info is given)

  1. Acts 10:38. Jesus heals those “oppressed by the devil”
  2. Acts 19:12. “handkerchiefs” from Apostles caused demons to come out.


Rom – Rev (New facts not recorded above, or where additional info is given)

  1. Rom 12:21. Overcome evil with good. Righteousness keeps demons at bay.
  2. 1Cor 10:20. False gods, false worship, is sacrificing to demons.
  3. 1Cor 10:21. Demon worship and worship of the Lord is opposite; can’t do both.
  4. Eph 4:27. Do not give the devil “topos” or a place. Anger can give him one.
  5. Eph 6:11, 13, 16. Armor of God defends from demons.
  6. 1Tim 3:6. Devil will tempt and condemn young teachers.
  7. 1Tim 3:7. Devil will seek to destroy young ministers.
  8. 1Tim 4:11. Demons teach false doctrines.
  9. 2Tim 2:26. We can be “held captive” by demons to do their will.
  10. Heb 2:14. Devil “had the power of death” but Jesus rendered him powerless in this.
  11. Jas 2:19. Demons believe in Jesus and fear Him.
  12. Jas 3:13-15. Jealousy, bitterness, envy, arrogance is demonic wisdom.
  13. Jas 4:7. Draw near to God and resist the devil and he will flee.
  14. 1Pet 5:8. Devil prowls and seek to devour Christians.
  15. 1Pet 5:8. Sober spirit and alertness protects from demons.
  16. 1Jn 2:13-14. Christians have overcome the evil one.
  17. 1Jn 5:19. World lies in the “power” of the evil one. He lost authority.
  18. Jude 9. Michael the Arch Angel respected devil’s power, so should we. Do not rebuke, let Jesus!
  19. Rev 2:10. Devil seeks to contain Christians.
  20. Rev 9:20. World is full of demon worship through false religions.
  21. Rev 12:9. Greatest power devil has over world is deception.
  22. Rev 12:12. Devil has great wrath and will take it out on believers.
  23. Rev 16:12. Demons target world rulers.
  24. Rev 20:2. Devil will be bound for 1000 years.
  25. Rev 20:10. Devil deceived many, will be thrown in lake of fire.
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