Want to know what to expect?

After six years of pastoring a traditional church, Bill and Kate realized that not all people are comfortable with the traditional church setting.  While there is nothing wrong with the traditional church model, they have a heart for reaching those on the outside of the church who feel they don’t fit into the “regular” church.  This put in motion the dream of establishing a Jesus-focused gathering of believers that is not like traditional churches, but that fulfills all the biblical prescriptions of a church gathering.  In reading Acts 2:42, they realized the early church met in homes (non-traditional settings) and focused their gatherings around four things: 1) the Apostle’s teaching  – i.e. the word of God;  2) the fellowship – enjoying one another;  3) Breaking of Bread – the Lord’s Supper and celebrating Jesus;  and 4) Prayer – praying to advance the kingdom and for one another.  After praying through this, they felt God leading to them establish an intimate house church based off of these principles – hence the name “LifeChurch 2:42.”  They then cast the vision before Thad and Bailey who felt God also calling them to be a part of seeing this dream through.  Thus started LC242!


HouseLC242 met Bill and Kate’s home from January 2016 to January 2017.  During that time the church grew until it was averaging 50-60 in regular attendance, with some meetings growing to over 100.  The first year was exciting and the Lord blessed their meetings in many tangible and supernatural ways.  All the while, those who attended the services were like “neighbors” coming over for an evening at the Kimbley’s.  In March 2017, LC242 rented a local building that was previously a restaurant and began having services there.  Keeping the vision of minimizing church bureaucracy, the atmosphere is non-traditional and focused on keeping the “main thing the main thing” and the Main Think is Jesus!


This is what is is like attending our services – like walking over to your neighbor’s house for a visit.  As a neighbor, you are familiar and don’t need to dress up or be formal.  As a friend, you are part of the family!  This is, however, a gathering for the purpose of exalting Jesus so grab your Bible, and come join us for a neighborly meal and time of worship.  Here’s what it will look like when you arrive.  Hopefully, you will come for dinner at 6:00pm.  It’s nothing fancy, just potluck and paper plates and chillin’ with friends.  At around 7:00pm we will settle into a place where we can worship with music and the word. Thad, Bailey, and other gifted musicians will lead us in praise and worship and then we will study a relevant passage of the Bible that exalts Jesus and meets us where we are in life.  After our time in the word, we will minister in prayer with one another.  No need to worry, you will not be called upon to pray unless you make it known that is your desire.  Our purpose will be to pray for each other’s needs before we conclude our time together.  Oh, YES your kids are welcome.  Bill and Kate have four of their own.  The real young ones are welcomed to play with their little ones while the older ones will be encouraged to worship along with the adults.  Finally, don’t be surprised if we change things up occasionally.  Our greatest desire is to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit so we can truly experience God together because to experience God is the greatest need of every human being because a person cannot know God outside of an experience with Him.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us from this website.  We hope you see you here soon!