Is LC2:42 a Non-Denominational Church?

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Yes, LC2:42 is a non-denominational church even though Pastors Bill and Thad are ordained Southern Baptist Ministers.  While there is nothing wrong with religious denominations (they have their purposes, pros and cons), we have determined to serve Christ outside of a denomination so that we can be a church for everyone who loves and wants to follow Jesus without certain traditional tags.  The full Word of God is our guide in all things and we encourage everyone interested in LC2:42 to read over our Core Beliefs so that they will understand our most important doctrinal beliefs.

We are, however, not attempting this church without outside help.  We have chosen to align ourselves with a network of other churches called the O2 Network. (  This is a grouping of like-minded spirit-filled conservative churches that operate autonomously but that also come together to pool resources and expertise to further the Gospel across the globe.  The pastors of this network have planted many churches so we are seeking their guidance to help us through this process.  The O2 Network has also established an advisory board to help in the strategic decisions of this church plant and to provide accountability for Bill, Thad, and the LC2:42 Vision Team.

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