“A Raccoon Attacked Us”

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Raccoon“You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.” – Psa 142:5

God is the one to run to during challenging times.  He is the place of safety and the place of comfort.  He is our REFUGE. A refuge is a hiding place that brings protection from troubles.  Often times when things are difficult we run to places of comfort that are really not genuinely protecting.  They make us temporarily happy, but not complete and content in the long-term.  Some run to the bottle, some run to a bag of chips and FaceBook, some run to chocolate, some run to the fishing hole, and some get on the motorcycle and let the wind rage… but where should we run?  We should not run at all, but simply bow our hearts and situations to the One who is everything.  We should turn to the powerful, mighty, Jesus Christ – in whom all power and authority has been given.  He should be our hiding place, our refuge.

What’s more is that the Psalmist writes, God is our “PORTION in the land of the living.”  A portion is like an inheritance.  In fact, Psalm 16:5 says “the Lord is the portion of my inheritance.”  In Biblical times an inheritance was seen as a security and protection; something that would ensure one’s continuance.  God is our inheritance; He is our continuance; He is our security blanket.  He is our portion IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING.  Notice the “land of the living.”  That means our lives in the world we live.  He is not something we get when we go to heaven, we get Him today!  Right now!  At this very moment, He is all you need.  He has the comforting words you need. He has the encouragement you need.  He has the pat on the back you need.  He is your portion.  He is your refuge. He is your inheritance.

Last night, I was in bed studying Hebrew and about 11pm all three of my boys burst into the room screaming, “a raccoon attacked us.”  What?  Really?  “Dad, it jumped out of the tree and landed on our tent.”  Are you sure?  “Dad, it ripped a hole in the tent.”  Lukas said with a shimmer in his voice, “It landed on my lips and scratched me.”  I immediately noticed how all the boys were being brave but they also were scared.  At that moment I was a “refuge” and a “portion” that they needed.  Of course, Kate was part of their refuge and portion as well as she hugged and comforted them.  After recognizing they would be ok, I gathered the gun and we went raccoon hunting!  We didn’t get the raccoon but the boys were encouraged and strengthened that their Dad would come to their rescue.  Today, as I read Psalm 142:5 I realized something.  God, our Father, enjoys being our refuge and portion.  He takes pride in puffing out His chest and protecting His children.  He would fight a million raccoons for each of us!  Our Father in Heaven is a perfect refuge.  He is our portion in the land of the living!

Today, what are you worried about?  Would you trust God with it?  Would you embrace the fact that He has all the answers, He has all the resources, He has all that you need to succeed.  Most importantly, He has the time and the desire to embrace you and your challenges and to comfort you.  Would you let him do so?  He is only a prayer away.

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