Doctrinal Beliefs on Healing

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My Doctrinal Beliefs on Healing

Pastor Bill Kimbley, Original: Feb 10th, 2015, Updated: Sep 17th, 2015.


We all grow in our faith and knowledge as we seek Christ.  Many of these understandings I did not have years ago.  Years from now, I may tweak some of these beliefs as God reveals more truths to my heart.  As best as I can, I provide here what I feel the scriptures teach on sickness and healing. I dare not suggest that I fully understand God’s ways in healing His creation, as healing, is His complete prerogative and blessing of grace towards his creatures.

  1. I believe all sickness, disease, and death is a consequence of sin. Sometimes our own sicknesses are due to our own direct sin or the sin of others, sometimes they are due to demonic influence, but most of the time they are due to the fallen condition of the human race and that our bodies are slowly degenerating until God takes us home through death.
  2. I believe Christ bought our perfect health through the shedding of His blood and the stripes He bore. He has beaten the curse that came when Adam and Eve sinned and through Him all believers will one day be completely healed of all sicknesses, diseases and death.  In fact, we will receive new bodies in the new world that will never get sick or die.  Furthermore, His payment on the cross provides healing power for His creation in this world while we wait to be glorified and reside with Him in the next.
  3. I believe Jesus heals supernaturally today just as He did when He walked in Judea. I believe He almost always chooses to heal when approached through faith and we should ask and expect Him to answer our prayer for healing. He often heals immediately and supernaturally.
  4. I believe God uses doctors and medical professionals to heal and they are necessary parts of God’s healing work. God has blessed humanity with knowledge and wisdom about His creation of the human body and when believers go to a doctor it should also be carried out by faith in His healing power.  I do believe, we should always call on Jesus’ healing hand before we call a doctor (or simultaneously in emergencies).
  5. I believe the church should believe in the healing power of Jesus and follow scriptural commands to lay hands upon the sick and expect Jesus’ healing power to manifest in their lives. I also believe churches that embrace the truth that God is our healer and that all healing comes from Him, will grow in faith, excitement in their relationships with Jesus, and they will see God do amazing things in many lives.  This will also lead to more being eternally saved recognizing the love of God for His creation.
  6. I believe that on rare occasions God allows sickness or diseases to tarry as potential disciplinary measures through His perfect grace. God disciplines (builds up) those He loves and scripture shows He has used sicknesses and diseases in the past to discipline.  This was always very rare for Him to do so and always to lead the one inflicted into repentance.  Fortunately, New Covenant believers need not fear God’s direct punishment via sicknesses because Jesus has removed the curse of the Old Covenant.  Sickness evolved from sin so it is never God’s perfect will for believers to live in sickness, but is often allowed through His permissive will so that His grace may abound.
  7. I believe Christians should always expect God to heal. I believe God ultimately desires healing over suffering.  Healing may come immediately, over time, or finally when we die and are in His presence, but God desires His children to walk in good health.  Temporary suffering, however, is a way God matures His children.  Thus, when sick and suffering we must always seek greater maturity in Christ as the ultimate outcome. Some people may never completely heal in this life, therefore we must realize that “God’s grace is sufficient” for all their needs.  Even so, I do feel they should continue to have faith for healing until the Lord heals them or takes them home.  I do believe those who experience such hardships and keep their faith and lovingly serve God through unhealed sicknesses and disease, will receive even greater rewards in heaven.
  8. I believe everyone’s perfect healing is God’s will, but that perfect healing will only occur once He has removed the final enemy, which is death. Sicknesses, diseases, and degenerating bodies are often the avenues God allows to deliver us into His presence.
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