Return to Intimacy With God

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PrintI was praying this morning and this thought came into my heart: many “love” Jesus but not as many are “in love” with Him. We can love somebody from a distance but when we are in love, distance breaks the heart so we work hard to minimized it at all costs. Have you been in the same room with one you love and yet feel so far away? For sure, intimacy is not present in that moment. God loves us furiously and intimacy from Him toward us is never the issue… The problem always is intimacy from us toward Him.

The place of intimacy with God is found when we fall back in love with Him. Hence, we desire to abide in Him and stay close to Him. We want to hear every word. We want to smell the cinnamon of His breath. We want to watch His amazing ways. We could spend all night just thinking about all the wonderful things He has done. That’s what it means to be in love with Jesus.

How is this accomplished? First, believe it is possible. Second, start planning quiet times with Him in prayer and make these the most important meeting in your day, because they are! Third, learn to truly praise Him. Intimacy is impossible where praise, adoration, and encouragement is absent. Fourth, come clean on anything that has hindered your relationship with Him. If you have messed up, admit it. He already knows and never condemns you. Once you do this you will feel a burden lifted. Finally, listen for His responses of love toward you. They come as gentle whispers through the word, through promptings in your heart, etc. In any intimate relationship there is a two-way communication of love and your Father in heaven wants to share His many thoughts with you. They are more than the sands of the earth!!! Don’t you want to hear them? ┬áIsn’t time to return to intimacy with God?

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